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If you want to have total control of your yard 24 hours a day 7 days a week mosquito misting systems are the solution. These automated systems work by releasing a fine mist through small nozzles installed around your property, creating a mosquito-free zone. The mist quickly settles on the landscape, either eliminating or repelling any unwanted bugs. Our systems are designed to spray at dawn, dusk, and evening hours when mosquitoes are most active, while avoiding beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Once installed, you can enjoy a bug-free yard and more peaceful outdoor activities with your loved ones.

  • 100% satisfaction with your purchase
  • Fully customized and automated misting system
  • Convenient on-demand mosquito spraying via an easy-to-use remote control
  • System built and installed by licensed and insured professionals
  • Lifetime Warranty on System Parts and Labor when on a service plan
  • Monthly Payment Plan that includes regular service and refills
  • Winter preparation is included in the plan if needed
  • 100% organic options for your mosquito misting system

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Discreet Mosquito Control Spraying Systems

As a locally owned and operated business, we prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in addressing your mosquito issues through our cutting-edge spraying systems. We guarantee prompt service and rapid results, backed by our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Our environmentally friendly mosquito spray is 100% biodegradable, and our spraying methods are exclusively organic. As champions of sustainability, we take pride in our eco-conscious approach, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while delivering exceptional results. 

Every employee at Torpedo Mosquito Control is a fully qualified professional, and an employee (no subcontractors are utilized) will individually treat your yard each time. Our team offers prompt service, no-cost re-treatments if necessary, and any additional assistance we are able to offer.

Our Service Is the Bomb


At our company, we are solely dedicated to mosquito control, offering both manual spraying and automatic mosquito misting systems. Each member of our staff is a highly trained professional, guaranteeing exceptional service. When you choose us, you can trust that a Torpedo Mosquito employee, not a subcontractor, will personally handle the installation and maintenance of your automatic misting system. As a locally owned and operated business, we always have an owner available to address any concerns. Moreover, our team is committed to providing prompt service, offering free re-treatments if necessary, and assisting you in any way possible.

Additionally, our team is actively seeking better options to safely and effectively treat your home. We are constantly looking for better technologies that lesson our environmental impact and help our customers have a better over all experience.

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