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At Torpedo Mosquito, we give mosquitoes and gnats the boot without cutting corners. Thanks to years of experience, our process ensures every step is meticulously planned. Reclaim your realm and let your yard take center stage!

We Never Cut Corners

We never cut corners on what is needed to fully eradicate your yard for mosquitoes. Every step and process is thoroughly thought through and backed by years of experience. We go above and beyond just advertising hype and represent a sincere 100% satisfaction guarantee commitment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A Step Above

We never cut corners. We always treat fence to fence.

Starting off Strong

When you start with Torpedo Mosquito we provide a custom 3 step process on the initial start to make sure we get control of your yard from day 1.

Larva, Check

Our premium insect growth regulator effectively handles standing water, preventing it from future mosquitoes and gnats.

We Treat it All

Unlike many mosquito control companies that neglect treating grass, we make sure to treat your grass every time, we also focus on the gutters and rooflines of your home, preventing those pesky mosquitoes from making a comeback.

Attacking the Roots

We have many different options to approach pesky flying insects. We don’t just want to put a bandaid over your yard, we want to reduce the population and keep it down.

Expert Locators

We meticulously inspect every corner of your yard, to make sure we find all standing water, low/damp spots in the grass and inspect your gutter line and drainage areas to see if they need to be treated.

Covering Corners

Your yard, your rules. We believe in communicating with you along every step of our service. Your personal account will have pictures of your yard and what we did each time we come out to perform treatment. You will always know when we are coming out, and you can track the tech on that day to see when he will be treating your home.


I loved my tech, he was very informative and genuinly cared about the work he was doing. I even got some free pointers! Highly recommended!

– Patrick L.

If you’re looking for mosquito treatment you can’t go wrong with Torpedo Mosquito. The family garden is our treasure and after initially being worried we were at ease when the tech expressed interest in our property. Happy to report our garden is still thriving!

– Holly D.

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