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We never cut corners on what is needed to fully eradicate your yard for mosquitoes. Every step and process is thoroughly thought through and backed by years of experience. At Torpedo Mosquito your yard is King!

Essential Mosquito Services

No Fly Zone Treatment

Our team will quickly and effectively clear your yard, backyard, or garden of mosquitoes, leaving you and your family to enjoy the outdoors.

Organic Fogging Treatments

Our approach to organic mosquito treatment involves the utilization of Essentria IC3 and BTI, which are derived entirely from natural sources.

Automated Misting Systems

These automated systems work by releasing a fine mist through small nozzles installed around your property, creating a mosquito-free zone.

Ready To Live Mosquito Free?

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A Step Above

Starting Off Strong

When you start with Torpedo Mosquito we provide two treatments 10-12 days apart to ensure a good barrier treatment

Larvae, Check

Our high quality insect growth regulator takes care of any standing water that may house future mosquitos.

We Treat It All

Many mosquito control companies don't treat grass allowing them to return. We always treat your grass!

Attacking The Roots

Torpedo Mosquito tackles debris on your deck, sidewalk and patio to ensure they don't have a safe place to hide.

Expert Locators

Every nook and cranny is checked from gutter lines to tree lines. Did you know we treat up to 15ft up into your tree line?

Covering Your Corners

Torpedo Mosquito never cuts corners. We tick every box when it comes to complete coverage and mosquito control.

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The Yard is King, but so are our happy customers

I loved my tech, he was very informative and genuinly cared about the work he was doing. I even got some free pointers! Highly recommended!


Patrick L.

If your looking for mosquito treatment you can’t go wrong with Torpedo Mosquito. The family garden is our treasure and after initially being worried we were at ease when the tech expressed interest in our property. Happy to report our garden is still thriving!


Holly D.

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