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Experience Mosquito-Free

Ready to stop the BUZZING? Our customized Buzz Off treatment service will help you eliminate pesty, annoying insects for good. When you sign up, you will be on an automated 21 day schedule with one of our expert mosquito techs. With each treatment, your tech will thoroughly evaluate and treat your yard to rid you of any mosquitos. Get a bite in between services? No problem, we will be out within 24-48 hours to perform a free retreat on your property to ensure that you don’t lose any outside time. Our Buzz Off barrier treatment is made of a 100 percent biodegradable liquid that adheres to the bottom of foliage and offers 21 days of mosquito protection while also preventing reproduction to lower mosquito populations in the future. In order to get rid of adult mosquitoes and latent larvae, we treat yards, standing water, drains, and downspout regions. We also treat the lawn and high into the trees and roofline of your home.

We customize each barrier spray application to ensure the most effective treatment for your specific mosquito problem.

Effectively control, mosquitoes around your residence can be quite a daunting task. the abundance of favorable habitats where mosquitoes can thrive. Moreover, mosquitoes are not bound by property boundaries, which means they can breed in a neighboring yard and still have the audacity to invade and bite you in your own yard. However, with the implementation of our mosquito shield, you can anticipate a strong repellent effect on mosquitoes, regardless of their origin.

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Why Choose Torpedo Mosquito Control?

Customer communication and support is our highest priority. We are here to make your life easier and mosquitos’ lives disappear. Every step of our treatment process is customized to fit that specific yard and home. We utilize technology to track all treatments, billing, special notes, and each service so that you know what we are doing at your home at all times. As a socially conscious business, we take an active role in the neighborhood, while maintaining a 5 star rated experience every time.

Every employee at Torpedo Mosquito Control is a fully qualified professional, and an employee (no subcontractors are utilized) will individually treat your yard each time. Our team offers prompt service, no-cost re-treatments if necessary, and any additional assistance we are able to offer.

At Torpedo Mosquito we never cut corners on what is needed to fully eradicate your yard for mosquitoes. Every step and process is thoroughly thought through and backed by years of experience.

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